Our historical point of reference is the movement of Deep Ecology . In 1973, Norwegian philosopher and mountaineer Arne Naess introduced the phrase “deep ecology” to environmental literature. Environmentalism had emerged as a popular grassroots political movement in the 1960s with the publication of Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring. Those already involved in conservation and preservation efforts were now joined by many others concerned about the detrimental environmental effects of modern industrial technology. The longer-range, older originators of the movement included writers and activists like Henry David Thoreau, John Muir and Aldo Leopold.

The nature activists had in Norway a strong hold in Mardøla close to where the founders of Norwegian Bedrock are born.

There is a photograph of Arne Naess being carried away by policemen in flat-topped caps during the Mardøla demonstration. He is smiling gently, and seems to be enjoying the whole thing or accepting the whole procedure as being inevitable.

These stories is at the core of inspiration for Norwegian Bedrock – a love for place and a love for nature – to the extend that we stand up for nature and fight for its right to flourish and exist.

As founded by Agenda 21  – and Gro Harlem Bruntland as in charge – the future is in our hands, and we has a responsible to take care and sustain a future worth living.

This is also the essences of the Norwegian words of “doing business –  NÆRINGSLIV  – we nourish life.